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Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension are two critical components of your vehicle. With a lot small moving parts that need to stay lubricated it is crucial that these are regularly checked to make sure that they are in proper working order. . After a period of time these components start to break down causing a variety of different concerns including clunks, bangs, pops a bumpy ride and uneven tire wear are just some of the concerns you my run into. On Site Auto Repair performs a steering and suspension check on every vehicle serviced thru our shop. If you have any of these concerns with your vehicle please let us know so that we can get you and your vehicle back on the road safely. Please call us for an appointment today.

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Shocks / Struts

To ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience, it is important to maintain your vehicle’s shocks and struts. The condition of these components can dramatically influence the handling of your car, especially when making turns or driving at speed. Worn or failing parts can result in an uncomfortable ride, premature tire wear and unwelcome noise that could indicate bigger problems. If you suspect that your shocks or struts are not performing as they should, please contact us today for a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle.
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Do you feel like your vehicle is not running as smoothly as it used to? Unwanted vibrations in a car can often be the result of an underlying mechanical issue, usually related to the steering and suspension systems. If left unchecked, these problems could eventually lead to more serious auto repairs down the road. For peace of mind, it’s essential to have any issues with vibration checked out by a professional immediately. At On Site Auto Repair, our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with Monroe Ride systems, ensuring your vehicle is inspected by factory-trained experts. Call us today for answers and advice about your car’s performance!

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Vehicle Pulling

When driving, it’s important to pay attention to your vehicle as it provides positive feedback about its performance. When you begin to notice a pull to the left or right, it should raise some concern above the norm. This phenomenon is indicative of an issue somewhere in your steering or suspension system. Whether it be an issue with a tire or something more mechanical, there will be components of your vehicle that will require inspection and possible repair. Neglecting these signs can put you at risk while on the road, but may also result in extra strain on other parts of your car such as tires that could possibly cause further safety issues.

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Clunks, Clicks & Bangs

Driving can be enjoyable if your vehicle is running smoothly, however it can quickly turn into a nerve-wracking experience when you start hearing strange noises coming from the steering and suspension components. Clunks, clicks, and bangs are all tell-tale signs that something is off, and you must get it checked out to prevent major damage and costly repairs down the road. On Site Auto specializes in all kinds of steering and suspension work so you don’t have to worry about driving uncomfortably or unsafely any longer. Our experienced team will quickly pinpoint the cause of the problem and get your car up and running like new again. Schedule an appointment with us today for prompt service at an affordable price!