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Heating and AC

Your heater and air conditioner are great to have on those hot summer nights and also for those cold winter months. Having your windows stay clear of condensation in the winter is extremely important for safe driving. Not many people know that having your air conditioner running with your heater in the winter will actually help your window clear up faster. There are may components involved with your air conditioning system. It takes a skilled technician to sometimes find out these problems. Here at On-Site Auto Repair, we have trained 609 certified techs that can quickly diagnose your problem and get you back on the road cooler then ever. Please call for your a/c and heater assessment today.

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

Air conditioner services

Having your air condition system checked periodically is important to the proper cooling of your vehicle. Having the proper amount of Freon in your system is not only going to make your a/c blow colder but will also help prolong the life of other a/c components in your system. This is why here at On-Site Auto we recommend having your a/c system checked on an annual bases to insure the most out of your system. Please call today for your complementary inspection.

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

A/C Repair

After having your system diagnosed, it’s now time to fix the concern. Here at On Site we are your one stop A/C shop. We can fix any A/C concern that you may have. Please call with any questions or concerns you may have.

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

HVAC diagnosis and repair

Concerns with your Heater or A/C system do not always involve just hot or cold concerns but also fan speed , fan controls , proper vent controls and even the direction the air. If you have any questions about your Heating and Air Conditioning system please give us a call today at 707-326-8655