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Auto Repair In Santa Rosa

On Site Auto Repair in Santa Rosa is a full service auto mechanic shop. Our auto mechanics are certified and here to help you with all of your automotive repair needs. No auto repair job is too big or too small for On Site Auto Repair.
We specialize in all types of auto repair, including: regular maintenance, break/fix, engine repair, troubleshooting and much more! If you are looking for honest and reliable auto mechanics, give us a call today. Ask us about our new customer specials!

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

Transmission Repair In Santa Rosa

Vehicles are usually described as 5 or 6 “speed” meaning then have that many gear ratios to allow the vehicle to travel at the full range of speeds required and to make use of the engine’s output power as efficiently as possible. Due to their complexity, constant use and function within a vehicle’s operation, transmissions experience a lot of wear and tear. Add to this the fact that many owner’s forget to check and change the fluid on a regular basis and it’s easy to understand why so many people have transmission problems. At On Site Auto Repair in Santa Rosa, our transmission repair technicians can accurately diagnose, repair or replace your transmission. If your are looking for a reliable and honest transmission repair services company, give us a call today!

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

Brake Service In Santa Rosa

There are several warning signs that your vehicle can give you before your brakes may reach the point of potential failure or extensive repair. Whether composed of ceramic, semi-metallic, or organic materials, brake pads erode each time you depress the brake pedal. If the pads wear down too much without being replaced, the metal housing for the pads will make contact with the metal rotors (or drums), which may produce not only a safety issue but a situation where the rotors/drums are required to be replaced as a result of the prolonged contact of metal parts without the pad buffer. If you are in need of an affordable brake repair mechanic in Santa Rosa, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today!

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

Vehicle Inspection In Santa Rosa

The key to top notch automotive repair and troubleshooting lies in a thorough understanding of what’s actually going on under the hood. Sure, you know that a radiator keeps your engine cool, but understanding how it keeps it cool is the key to solving technical problems efficiently. If you know which parts perform what function, your powers of diagnosis will be much more powerful.

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

Radiator Inspection Service In Santa Rosa

Ensuring that your vehicle’s engine cooling system is in proper operating condition is extremely essential to engine life and performance. Operating at excessive temperatures can lead to premature engine wear. Your vehicle’s engine cooling system should be checked periodically, and a radiator coolant flush is also recommended to prohibit radiator corrosion. On Site Auto Repair will thoroughly drain and power flush the old coolant and particulates, and refill the cooling system with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended coolant.