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Brake Repair Services – Santa Rosa

On Site Auto Repair specializes in brake repair services. Our brake repair technicians offers a complimentary brake inspection service, where they will take the time to inspect your vehicle’s brake system and report back to you. If your brakes need to be repaired, we will show you the exact problems, so you can better understand the exact work that should be performed. We use only highest quality brake parts and provide affordable brake repair services. Most brake repairs can be completed while you wait. We realize that your time is important, so we work hard to get you back on the road safely. Please call to set up an appointment, schedule a free brake inspection or ask any questions you may have. Call us at (707) 326-8655.

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Brake Pads & Shoes

At On-site Auto Repair, we understand the importance of ensuring that your brakes are functioning properly. That is why our mechanics specialize in brake pad and shoe repair for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic vehicles. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, our highly trained technicians can provide budget-efficient solutions for your brake issues. All repairs are carried out using original parts and performed to ensure quality workmanship with lasting results.

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Brake Rotors & Drums

Is your car making an annoying noise or vibrating when you press on the brakes? It may be time to have your brake rotors and drums checked and repaired if necessary. Not only is it important for safety to make sure they are functioning properly, but it can also save you money in the long run – a proper repair today is more economical than a major repair down the road due to neglect. Our experienced technicians at On-site Auto Repair specialize in brake rotor and drum repairs, setting us apart as experts in this area of auto care.

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Brake Fluid

Contaminated or overheated brake fluid is a major cause of poor braking performance in vehicles. Not only can contaminated or overheated brake fluid impair vehicle braking, it can also result in dangerous situations if not resolved quickly. The damaging effects of contamination and overheating can lead to slow response time, extended stopping distances, premature wear on components and sometimes even fluid leaks, making it critical for drivers to check their brakes regularly for any sign of these issues and then perform necessary repairs to prevent any further damage. By monitoring your vehicle closely, you can reduce the likelihood of dangerous situations connected with contaminated or overheated brake fluid and maintain a safe driving experience.

on site auto repair engine repairs diagnosis services

Calipers & Wheel Cylinders

If you’re encountering difficulty with your brakes, including pulling problems or an abnormally low brake pedal, then leaking or sticking wheel cylinders or calipers may be the culprit. Such issues can lead to more serious problems if not addressed properly, putting you and those around you in danger. That’s why we happily offer complimentary inspections for possible wheel cylinder and caliper issues today. Not only will we provide an accurate diagnosis of your problem right away, but our certified technicians will also be available to answer any questions you may have about what needs to be done. Give us a call now and get back on the road quickly and safely!